David Lynch expo


To visit this week’s tip you will have to make a short journey, but it should be worth it. The Max Ernst Museum in Brühl is showing an exhibition by David Lynch, director of Twin Peaks, The Elephant Man and Wild at Heart. Lynch uses pictures, paintings, watercolours and installations. In his disturbing images he leads the viewer into a world that is unfathomable and inexplicable. Characteristic of the artworks are the dark colours, the perspective and proportion shifts and the combination of objects that seem to have nothing to do with one another but which – at second look – indeed cooperate to make a statement. Together with the exhibition, the museum will show a few short and relatively unknown movies that Lynch made when he was a student. For more information about the exhibition, see www.maxernstmuseum.de. To find out how to get to the museum, visit www.deutschebahn.de.


Cleo Freriks

  • What: David Lynch expo
  • When: 4 January–21 March
  • Where: Max Ernst Museum, Brühl, Germany
  • Admission: €5

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