Dangerous crossings


The most dangerous crossings in Maastricht are located at the Viaductweg, which runs from the Noorderbrug towards the A2 motorway. This was reported by RTL Nieuws on the basis of data provided by the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works. RTL Nieuws compiled a list of the 150 most dangerous crossings in the Netherlands where accidents had occurred during the past three years. At the top of the list is the city of Groningen. Maastricht is in 12th place, with the Meerssenerweg-Viaductweg crossing. The city is listed three more times: at numbers 74 (Tongerseplein-Tongerseweg), 75 (Fransiscus Romanusweg-Viaductweg), and 124 (Itersondomein-Randwycksingel) respectively.

On the Tongerseplein roundabout, near the economics faculty, seven people sustained injuries in the past three years. Another seven victims were reported on the crossing at the end of the Randwycksingel, opposite the MECC building.

RTL Nieuws wanted to know if the city had plans to make the Viaductweg safer. The answer was that the A2 motorway is undergoing major reconstruction and the Meerssenerweg-Viaductweg crossing will become a fly-over.

It is not clear whether cyclists, pedestrians or motorists were involved in the accidents. These crossings are not known as extremely dangerous, according to the local Cyclists' Federation. Laurent Theunissen: “Maastricht does not have any real black spots, but there are plenty of roads where road safety should be improved. We are currently trying to get the speed limit on the Kennedy bridge route decreased. The places where cyclists cross are very dangerous, as the maximum speed for motorists is 70 km/h there.”


Wendy Degens

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