UM structural target for animal activists


The animal activists group Anti Dierproeven Coalitie is going to systematically aims actions against Maastricht University, according to its leader Robert Molenaar. The action group protested against the university at the beginning of October, on the occasion of a cardiologist conference in the Bonnefantenklooster (hence the afternoon programme had been moved to Randwijck). Last week, on the university's foundation day, the group raised banners at the entrance of the St. Janskerk.

“We are fighting against the experiments involving dogs, carried out by Maastricht cardiologists,” says Molenaar. “If necessary, we will return a dozen or two dozen times. In Groningen, we have been demonstrating for some time against the use of cats in brain research. Partly as a result of our actions, no experiments were done in 2009.”

Senior lecturer Esther Lutgens decided not to give her presentation on arteriosclerosis that was scheduled for the morning session. “In New Hampshire, in the United States, I was once held captive in a lab by animal activists. When we left the building, we were booed and threatened all the way to our car. Since then, I've tried to steer clear of such people. Later that day, by the way, I received more than 250 protest e-mails.”

Other speakers also received 250 e-mails. According to Molenaar, the aim was also to inform them of what is going on at such a university.


Maurice Timmermans

UM structural target for animal activists

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