Surviving in Maastricht


Some thirty exchange students made their way to the upstairs room of the Twee Heeren pub last Friday. They were there for a ‘Surviving in Maastricht’ course, which is part of the Mentors' Programme that was set up this year.

The mentors’ programme is an initiative of study association Concordantia and the student representatives from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A coach has been assigned to every exchange student at the faculty. Isabel Skierka, second-year student of European Studies and one of the mentors, is enthusiastic: “In this way, we are trying to improve integration between Maastricht students and newcomers from abroad. We will take them by the hand, both on Eleum and in the pub.”

The figures show that the initiative is appreciated. No fewer than thirty of the 43 who registered showed up. Before the new students could actually become acquainted with their mentors, they were given a PowerPoint presentation containing valuable tips on how to survive in Maastricht. For cheap rolls, go to the pub next to the university library, and make sure you don't miss carnival or ‘Koninginnenacht’ (the eve of the Queen’s birthday).


Anne Schepers

Surviving in Maastricht
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