US ambassador visits Maastricht University


Don’t forget to bring a bag to the supermarket – you’ll have to pack your own groceries; don’t be afraid to cross the street on foot – the cars will stop for you; and always double check the opening hours of the shops. This and other advice about living in the Netherlands was what American students gave to the US ambassador, Fay Hartog-Levin, upon her visit to Maastricht University. After being welcomed with a serenade by Spanish band Tuna, the ambassador talked with the students about their lives in Maastricht. She found out that they hate paying for the toilet – “I’ve been in the Netherlands for six months now but my staff always manages to find me a free toilet.” “You’re very lucky.” “I know.” – but love the Problem-Based Learning system. “Dutch people always ask for your opinion and are really interested in it”, a male student says. “They themselves are straightforward, not as politically correct as Americans usually are.” “Do you think Dutch students are more politically aware than Americans?”, Hartog-Levin asks. “Yes, I think they are more active and better understand the world situation.” After some more chitchatting it is time for her to leave, but not before giving a piece of her own advice. “If you aspire to a job in foreign affairs, start as soon as possible and work at building up your network.”


Cleo Freriks

US ambassador visits Maastricht University
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