35 thousand euros for a business plan


Studying and starting a business at the same time. Sounds nice, but if you haven't got a fat bank account, you'll have to find the necessary investment capital somewhere else. The Limburg Development and Investment Company LIOF is celebrating its 35th anniversary this Spring and offers the ten best student entrepreneurs a starter's pack worth 35 thousand euros. The contest is run on the liofyeah.nl voting site.

Three Maastricht students - Billy van den Ende, Luc Lebens, and Hans Heijnen - have been asked by LIOF to organise the online contest. This is exactly what their company SoapBox does. Van den Ende: “Ideas that will score best? Green ideas, sustainability, and solid Internet-related concepts. But the contest is open to any products or services.”

Students with brilliant plans may leave their profiles on the website from 1 March onwards. The voting round will be one month later. The ten winners will not get 35 thousand euros in cash, by the way. LIOF is providing the amounts in the form of a subordinated loan and an innovation cheque.

One of the main objectives of the development and investment company is to strengthen the economic structure of the province of Limburg and hence the company is interested in entrepreneurs who set up their businesses in Limburg. Setting up locally is therefore one of the requirements to be met by the candidates.


Wendy Degens

The finals will be on 18 June. See also liofyeah.nl


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