Expat Guide for Maastricht region


A typical Dutch birthday tradition: the celebrant treats colleagues to pie, cakes or vlaai. This is just one of the many tips that can be found in the first Expat Guide for the Maastricht region, which was presented last Sunday. The guide was compiled by the Regiobranding Zuid-Limburg Foundation, to show expats their way around this region.

In the introduction, Maastricht’s greatest export product, violinist André Rieu, refers to the city as “one of the most delightful places to live”. This remark sets the theme for the booklet. Foreigners who have come to South Limburg from China, England or America speak about their own, often positive, experiences. There are also some tips and facts about work, education, housing and culture. How long it takes to travel from Maastricht to Frankfurt by train, how the social security system works in The Netherlands, the ins and outs of banking, fun day trips for children, the best places for cycling, or the quickest way to learn Dutch.

The guide is an extension to the www.maastrichtregion.com website, which is also linked to the International Service Desk Maastricht Region, hosted by the Maastricht city website. The guide will soon be available at Maastricht University, but can already be collected from the city council’s Expat desk, at Mosae Forum. WD




Wendy Degens

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