Fashionclash was organised for the first time in 2009 by a couple of friends to encourage young and talented designers to show their work. At Fashionclash, all different kinds of fashion, including textiles, jewellery and photography, are exhibited or displayed on the catwalk.
But it is the ‘clash’ between designers from different countries with different visions of fashion that makes Fashionclash a special event. One show presents an array of diverse costumes, some of which would certainly not be suitable to wear in real life. Students from the Academy for Fine Arts also have a part in the event: young designers from different graduation years from the Academy will put their designs on display in shows on Saturday and Sunday.
Although the word ‘clash’ in the title doesn’t refer to a genuine battle between different artists, there will indeed be a competition, called Fashionclash Streethearts. On Sunday, one of the participants will be named the winner.
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Thijs Voets

  • What: Fashionclash
  • When: Friday 4–Sunday 6 June
  • Where: Timmerfabriek
  • Admission: Prices vary between €5 and €15

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