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How can you nominate your favourite tutor for the Education Award 2010? You can find out by reading the first ‘loo paper’ (pleekrant, a newspaper put on the walls to read on the toilet), produced by the student representative body of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
“We came up with the idea after having read about a similar initiative in Randwyck”, says second-year student Claire Leifert, member part of the European Studies programme committee and the faculty’s student representative body. Students had been complaining that they knew too little about the activities and achievements of their student representatives. Publishing everything on two A4 sheets and hanging them in the toilet will bring them up to date, says Leifert. “Because who doesn’t use the toilet?”
The newspaper is currently only a rough version of what it should be like next year. No fancy layout, no pictures and too much info. Leifert: “It was a lengthy process to get permission from the facility managers to hang it on the wall in the first place. Now the year is almost over. So we just wanted to get it done once and see how people would react.”


Marie Zwetsloot

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