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Maastricht University’s ‘campus’ in Brussels was officially opened last week. The listed historic building is situated on the Legerlaan between the two central metro stations Merode and Montgomery. The building is primarily used for postgraduate courses. “We focus on mid-career education,”, Vivianne Heijnen, head of the campus. “Many civil servants have been working for European institutes in Brussels for twenty years or more and need additional training, short courses.” Maastricht University offers a large number of Europe-oriented programmes, such as European Law School, European Public Health, and European Studies. Lecturers are currently compiling a set of courses. In September the Faculty of Law will start a part-time course for anyone who works in Brussels and wants to do a PhD at the UM.

The building will also be open for alumni. Peter van der Hijden, a law graduate who now works for the European Commission, gave a lecture there. Sophie Vanhoonacker, Maurice Olivers and Stephan van de Broucke, all working at the UM, gave seminars on political, economic and health themes. Heijnen: “A member of the European Commission would be quicker to accept an invitation to speak to students in Brussels than in Maastricht. The campus is also ideal for pulling European research funding. We are able to welcome members of the Commission."



Wendy Degens

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