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Whether Alex Eichner and Daniel Maciejewski will go home with the clothes they are wearing in the photo is the question. There’s a big chance they won’t. “I hope someone else is interested in my leather pants”, Eichner laughs. Last Tuesday, a Clothes Exchange Party was held in the student café Make! in d’n Hiemel, near the park. “We’ve already had several private house parties with this theme; in Make! we can make it bigger and better. We bought some sunglasses and two bags of clothes at the second-hand shop. I even got a wedding dress”, says Maciejewski, a German International Business student. He and his fellow student Eichner set up Make! last summer. The bar’s concept, according to Maciejewski, is to “Give people what they want. Do they want to make music? Bring your iPod with you. Do they want to know everything there is to know about cocktails? Take a workshop.” Their philosophy: students who have the craziest ideas but are afraid or can’t find a way to realise them can turn to Make! German filmmaker Daniel van Hauten, who studied at the art academy in Maastricht, came up with the idea of the Clothes Exchange Party.

Make! Bar is also simply a place where students can mingle. Maciejewski: “It’s not just for a certain group, like a particular student association. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re Dutch or from abroad.”

You can find out about the ins and outs of Make! on Facebook.



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Change clothes
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