Coup Maastricht


This year, for the 16th time, Zuyd University’s Department of Arts presents the Coup Maastricht: a festival at which fresh alumni from the Conservatory and the Academies for Fine Arts, Dramatic Art and Architecture will put their thesis subjects on display.

Since all kinds of exhibitions and performances will be at lots of different places around Maastricht, the organisers have selected ‘Rumour around Arts’ as this year’s common theme.
For example, graduates from the Conservatory will play the Requiem Mozart and Mozartiana at the Theater aan het Vrijthof, and the Academy of Dramatic Art will present the international play ‘I’ll be gone’ in the Löss theatre. Over the next two weeks you’ll also find art located at the Timmerfabriek, Selexyz bookshop and the Mosae Forum.
The organisers hope that visitors get the idea of Maastricht as one large district of art, called the ‘Quartier des Arts’, in view of its application to be named Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. For the complete schedule of the Coup Maastricht, please visit


Thijs Voets

  • What: Coup Maastricht
  • When: Friday 25 June–Sunday 4 July
  • Where: Different locations in Maastricht
  • Admission: Mostly free, except for large shows

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