What to do in Maastricht?


Where are the good bars? What shops should you go to? Which restaurants have the best food and low prices? When you’re new in town, it’s always hard to find out where the hot spots are. Observant gives you a hand, with four routes for four different days out.

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Easy Going

Say ‘the Netherlands’ when you’re abroad and nine out of ten times people will say, ‘ah, weed’. In the Netherlands it’s legal to buy 5 grams of weed per person per day. If you want to do so in Maastricht, the coffee shop Easy Going is a good place to go. Experts claim their weed is excellent, though the prices are high: you’ll pay about €8 per gram. But the staff are friendly and they know their stuff. (Easy Going, Hoenderstraat 8, no website)


Playersclub Tattoo Shop

If you want to go wild, go wild all the way. At the Playersclub Tattoo Shop you can get a tattoo or a piercing, with sets from famous tattoo artists and designers from all over the world. If you’re planning to get a large tattoo, you should make an appointment. (Playersclub Tattoo Shop, Grote Gracht 60, www.playersclubtattoo.nl)


Il Treno

Pizzeria Il Treno is a typical Italian restaurant. The interior and the menu all have the air and atmosphere of classic Italy. Il Treno is an ideal start for a night on the town, since it’s located in the city centre and has a good and affordable menu. Students get a 20 percent discount, which makes it just about the cheapest way of eating out. (Il Reno, Markt 64, www.iltreno.nl)



The Platielstraat is known as the party street of Maasticht. Right next to the Vrijthof, you’ll find a long line of bars and cafés all frequently visited by students. The music varies from top 40 hits and R&B to Dutch sing-alongs. After a night of drinking you can satisfy your late-night hunger by going to the snack bar Lucky Luke (at the end of the street, coming from the Vrijthof) or ‘t Witte Bruudsje (somewhere in the middle).



While the bars on the Platielstraat have to close at 2 o’clock during the week and 3 o’clock on the weekends, the Feesfebrik is open seven days a week till 6.00. When it’s late and you’re feeling a little drunk, that’s the time to go to the Feesfebrik. Here the party continues while the rest of the town is fast asleep. It’s also known as the easiest place to find a partner for the night. From Monday till Wednesday they have a student-only policy, so you’re bound to find a soulmate there. (Feesfebrik, Markt 25, www.feesfebrik.nl)


Cleo Freriks

What to do in Maastricht?

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