Dutch pop star opens Inkom


He’s a rising star in the Netherlands, his voice can handle both rock and soul, and he is the first Dutchman to have a contract with the legendary  American label Motown, the home of stars like Marvin Gaye, The Supremes and Michael Jackson. This afternoon around 17.00 at the Maastricht Markt, Waylon will open the Inkom of 2010. His first hit was Wicked Way, followed by songs like Hey and Happy Song.

Waylon will not be the only artist on the open air stage. The typical Maastricht singer Fabrizio will also sing some of his numbers, which are all in Maastricht dialect and one of which – Sjiek is miech dat – was a hit during the latest Carnival. Fabrizio’s melodies are usually well-known among the audience, combining Italian pop songs with Maastricht lyrics.


Riki Janssen

Dutch pop star opens Inkom
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