"Trying to cook by myself"

Freshman Rupert Southern (20, England) will study Arts & Culture


What are you going to miss the most?

“My cat. He’s five years old and just turned up at our home one Christmas. It was a wild cat. I can’t bring him with me to Maastricht. I’ll also miss my friends of course. Whether we’ll see each other on a regular basis? Well, we could skype. In the holidays I’ll take the Eurostar from Brussels. That’s the easiest way to travel to Kent.”


What’s going to be easy in Maastricht?

“The language won’t be so difficult for me. Maastricht University is an international university and English is the most common language, and the language of instruction. I’ve already got a room – the Kamerburo helped me – so I don’t have to worry about that.”


What are you afraid of?

“Living on my own and being independent of my parents. Washing, trying to cook by myself. Fortunately, I already know some English people from the university’s UK team. They’re good people.”


What about your relationship?

“I don’t have a relationship, so that’s no issue.”


Wendy Degens

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