“Nothing will be easy"

Toms Krumins (19 Latvia) will be studying law


Whats gonna be easy?

“Nothing will be easy. I have to build up a life in a new country with a different language. Even buying a bike will be hard, I suppose.”


What will you miss the most?

“My family of course. My mother and my sister, who live in Riga. And my friends. Actually, my best friend is going to the Netherlands as well. He’ll be studying in Venlo, or something like that.”


What about your relationship?

“I don’t know. The situation is bad for both of us. She’ll be taking courses in Riga. So we won’t see each other every weekend, you know. The Netherlands is far away, three thousand kilometres. It feels like a sacrifice but I believe that I’ll gain a lot in the end. New experiences, new friends and – who knows? – maybe even a new relationship!”


Maurice Timmermans

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