What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?


Where are the good bars? What shops should you go to? Which restaurants have the best food and low prices? When you’re new in town, it’s always hard to find out where the hot spots are. Observant gives you a hand, with four routes for four different days out.

Café Zondag

This is ‘Café Sunday’ in Dutch, which makes it the perfect location for a Sunday brunch. You can eat delicious sandwiches or a hot bowl of soup, and – during summertime, when there’s outdoor seating – watch people going in and out of the city centre. Although the café is very small, there’s room for a band to perform every now and then or an exhibition to go on display. (Café Zondag, Wyckerbrugstraat 42, www.cafezondag.nl)



The city park is ideal for all kinds of typical Sunday pursuits. You can have a picnic, stroll along the city walls, fish in the pond, lay down in the grass with a book, play a game of badminton, eat an ice-cream or visit the animals at the petting zoo. You can also go exploring, as the park has several different parts separated by bits of road and old city wall. 



If you’re in a cultural mood or if it’s raining cats and dogs, you might want to go the Bonnefantenmuseum. Apart from showing regular exhibitions, the museum also has a collection of modern and classic art. Artists from the American minimal art and the Italian Arte Povera movements dominate the modern collection. The selection ‘old art’ includes pieces by Pieter Brueghel de Jonge and Peter Paul Rubens. (Bonnefantenmuseum, Avenue Ceramique 250, www.bonnefanten.nl)


Los Amigos

Some might call it kitsch, others find themselves in an instant sunny mood. Either way, the interior of tapas bar Los Amigos is something to remember. Thanks to the cheerful lights at the entrance you can spot it at the edge of Maas even as you walk over the Sint Servaas bridge. Los Amigos has an extensive tapas menu and the best sangria in town. Better yet, students can get a special student surprise menu for €15.75. (Los Amigos, Cöversplein 9, www.losamigos.nl)  


Filmtheater Lumière

To end your lazy Sunday, check out Maastricht’s arthouse cinema: the Lumière. Here you can see the more popular arthouse films, like those by director Pedro Almodóvar, as well as low-budget productions from unknown filmmakers. On the English section of its website you can find out which films are spoken or subtitled in English. (Lumière, Bogaardenstraat 40b, www.lumiere.nl)


Cleo Freriks

What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

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