"I’m not concerned about my social life"

Maja Kiselinova (25Macedonia) will follow the Master in Health Promotion and Health Education


What’s going to be easy?

“I like the fact that Dutch education is well-organised. You get all this information in advance about study schemes, for example. In my country it’s total chaos. First you need to search for the institution, and then you have to chase the people who can give you the information you want.”


What are you afraid of?

“That the master’s will be too difficult. It’s a tough programme, but hopefully I’ll perform well. My professional development is important to me. I’m not concerned about my social life. In Maastricht, there’s a language centre, a sports centre, study associations. I mean, as long as you get involved, you’ll always get to know people.”


What will you miss the most?

“The sunny days in Macedonia. The sun shines 350 days a year. Maybe it’s a prejudice, but I expect lots of rain in the Netherlands.”


What about your relationship?

“Last year I was in Bulgaria, so I know how it feels to be apart. Like I said, it’s my professional development that counts right now.”


Maurice Timmermans

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