What to do when you want to take the alternative route?


Where are the good bars? What shops should you go to? Which restaurants have the best food and low prices? When you’re new in town, it’s always hard to find out where the hot spots are. Observant gives you a hand, with four routes for four different days out.

Take Five

Take Five is a small, trendy bar in the Bredestraat. The crowd is usually made up of art and drama academy students, a few artists and some regulars. You can have lunch here, but it really comes to life in the evening. On busy nights the doors are opened and the party is taken out onto the street. If it’s not crowded, Take Five is also a good place to chat with friends and enjoy a glass of good wine. Don’t forget to go to the toilet – it’s an experience in itself. (Take Five, Bredestraat 14, no website)


Concept Green

Located in one of the nicest shopping streets in Maastricht, Concept Green is trying to make the world a better place. Everything in the shop is organically produced, a fair trade product, or just “gives a positive message to the world”. Besides that, Concept Green has lots of cute dresses, fun accessories and goodies for around the house. (Concept Green, Rechtstraat 20, www.concept-green.nl)


Eetcafé Landbouwbelang

The Landbouwbelang is an old factory occupied by a group of squatters who make art, host exhibitions and provide performers with a stage. And that’s not all: every Monday evening the Landbouwbelang transforms into a restaurant. From 19.00–23.00 you can get an organic vegan meal for only €3.50. You can place a reservation until the Sunday before, but it’s wise to do so earlier. (Landbouwbelang, Biesenwal 3, kometen.wordpress.com)



The Muziekgieterij is Maastricht’s musical hotspot. If you want to know now which bands are likely to perform at Pinkpop (a big Dutch festival) in the coming years, you should go to one of the many concerts held here. Besides up-and-coming bands, the Muziekgieterij also welcomes well-known artists, like Moke and Coparck. And once in a while, Studium Generale organises a festival here. (Muziekgieterij, Bankastraat 3, www.muziekgieterij.nl)



In the Make! bar you’re bound to run into some fellow students. The bar, which is located inside the café De Hiemel, is run by students. Here you can shake your own cocktail: just buy the ingredients at the bar and let your imagination do the rest. If you’re not in a creative mood, there’s always a certificated cocktail maker on hand to shake your drink for you. Make! also hosts regular parties and music sessions. (Make!, St. Bernardusstraat 24a, look for Make! on Facebook)


Cleo Freriks

What to do when you want to take the alternative route?

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