"I'm here to fight for my diploma"

Julian Tanzmann (20, Düsseldorf) is going to study psychology


Whats gonna be easy?

“Learning the Dutch language. Dutch in my opinion is something like a mix between German and English. I had Greek and Latin at school. That makes it easier to learn foreign languages.”


What are you afraid of?

“My roommate in Maastricht, who studied psychology last year, said that it’s very difficult. And – this is the most frightening part – you have to study a lot. I’m kind of a lazy student who tends to get his diploma anyway. But here I’m willing to fight for it. I’m away from my friends in Düsseldorf and my family, so I’ll have a lot of time to focus on my studies.”


What about your relationship?

“I don’t have a girlfriend. So coming to Maastricht suits me perfectly. All the more because relationships over long distances never work. I’ve noticed it with my friends. It’s always the same story.”


Maurice Timmermans

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