SBE lip dub


“Amazing” and “In one word: gay; in two words: super gay”. These are two reactions to the lip dub of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). The YouTube video has been viewed 20,000 times over the last five days. A music video that was made in a single take, it shows a group of students dancing and lip synching to Queen’s Bicycle Race and The Baseballs’ Umbrella. The films starts at the University Library and ends at the SBE.

Inga Boos and Olga Horn, both UM graduates and now doing six-month internships in Montreal, were the main organisers. Boos: “We were inspired by the lip dubs we knew from our exchange universities in Montreal. We presented our idea to the student council, and I had the impression that they didn’t find the idea so cool at first – maybe weird instead. But the faculty, including Ingrid Wijk and the PR department, always supported us.”

The 70 students and staff participating in the SBE video had to spend a whole day shooting, to make the film that ultimately lasts about six minutes. “This student initiative is better than any promotional video we would make at our School”, dean Jos Lemmink told the Faculty Council this week. Besides the worldwide attention that it has generated on You Tube, the Faculty Board also reaps another benefit: it didn’t cost a great deal. Boos: “We just rented some costumes, bought some equipment and rented the camera.”




Wendy Degens