SBE, four first places in KeuzeGids 2011


The four bachelor's programmes of the School of Business and Economics have all reached first places in the KeuzeGids 2011 (Study Guide) ranking. University College has dropped to a disappointing fourth place. European Studies received little praise. As a whole, Maastricht University ended in the top three.

Every year, the KeuzeGids makes a list of the views of experts and students on bachelor's programmes at Dutch universities. The grades are based on aspects such as the education programme, the lecturers, facilities (computers, study areas), and how quickly a diploma can be obtained.

International Business is without a doubt the best of its kind, with a grade of 7.2. (Quite a high result, also in the total field of studies. "Eights" were few and far between.) Or as the KeuzeGids itself says: “The only really good IB study can be found in Maastricht.” Contact with the practical side of the profession, the classrooms, study areas, ICT facilities, lecturers and the information provided by the faculty are all greatly appreciated. Econometrics (grade 7.0) received a lot of praise from students for the “interesting and stimulating lessons” and the “very professional lecturers”. Economics is also at the top with 6.8. Number two is Radboud University in Nijmegen, which obtained an overall score of 5.8.

University College scored 7.2  just as last year, but still dropping from second to fourth place. Middelburg takes the lead with 8.4, followed by the VU University Amsterdam and Utrecht. Maastricht received good marks from the experts, but study progress at the UM is the slowest of all. Students also complain about the feasibility of deadlines.

European Studies achieved a mere 5.2. Students are not satisfied about the number of contact hours, the facilities, the organisation and the content of the curriculum. On the other hand, they praise the speed with which the diploma can be obtained. Its only competitor, Amsterdam University, does even worse and gets no further than 4.6.


Riki Janssen