Four UM Economists in Top 40


The latest Economists Top 40, published at the end of last year, lists four researchers from Maastricht University. The highest on the list - at number 15 - is professor Co de Ruyter (marketing); two places below, we find the American professor Daniel Hamermesh (labour economics), followed by John Hagedoorn (strategy and international business) at number 22 and the German Michael Eichler (econometrics) at 28.

In the derived Top Institutes list, the School of Business and Economics is in fifth place, just like last year. Rotterdam is a cut above the rest, with a score that is almost twice as high as that for number two, Groningen.

The Top Forty, which covers the period of 2004 to 2008, resulted from the analysis of several international citation indexes. The score of each individual publication depends on the number of authors who participated and the impact factor of the journal. The five large faculties each provide twenty names, the two smaller ones (Nijmegen and Wageningen) five each. Forty are then selected from this pool of 110 names. 


Maurice Timmermans