Maastricht debating club


Rhetorica is the name of a new Maastricht student debating club.

The initiative was taken by three associations: UNSA (United Nations Student Association), Ouranos (Law) and Concordantia (European Studies). “It seemed like a good idea for us to work together, to have a mixed group of students speaking about subjects from different viewpoints,” says Yuri van Loon, Concordantia's vice president. “It also gives you the opportunity to meet students from other faculties. Everyone can take part.” The first evening is scheduled for Wednesday, 9 February. “The format is a series of four debates each time. The first three evenings will be in a pub, so very informal; the last one takes place in the Turnzaal of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. That evening, an expert will be present too.

The first series of debates focuses on the subject of migration, but each evening will tackle its own theme: politics and immigration (“Wilders and populism”), asylum policies (“at a national and European level”), and integration (“should immigrants adapt or are they in fact an enhancement if they maintain their own culture?”).


Wendy Degens

Rhetorica’s first debate, in English, will be on 9 February, 19:00 hrs. at Café Cliniq, Platielstraat