Over-motivated first-year students can be quite annoying


Annika Lübbert, 20, from Hamburg, Germany. Second-year student of the Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Science, specialising in Psychology and Neurology

Loves: when coincidences work out well, that feeling you get from exercising, and tiramisu

“I love it when a coincidence turns into a really great opportunity”, Annika Lübbert says. “Like when you just call friends and meet to play some music and then they bring friends and it turns into a really great atmosphere. Or when my flatmates and I all have some ingredients for dinner and they combine to make a great meal – it’s really nice when things just come together.” She also gets a buzz from sports like volleyball and squash: “I love that you have to be very quick for these sports. I’ve got no problem at all with doing some exercise”. And after all that exertion? A big serving of tiramisu as a treat: “I love the coffee flavour and there’s also alcohol in it, which is a nice extra, so it’s perfect!”

Hates: people who ignore others’ points of view, overly motivated first-year students, naughty children

“I hate it when people ignore the obvious or when they aren’t interested in listening to someone else’s point of view, I just find it so boring”, she admits. Although people with too many questions can also get on her nerves. “Over-motivated first-year students can be quite annoying, especially when they ask questions at the end of a lecture that keep you there longer, stuck in the middle of the row, when everyone just wants to go!” And don’t get her started on undisciplined little ones: “I hate it when children do the wrong thing and don’t get punished for it, because then they’ll just do it again and again!”


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Over-motivated first-year students can be quite annoying
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