Pure Alpha best student company


Pure Alpha, a company of six SBE students, has won the regional finals of Jong Ondernemen, a non-profit organisation that aims to help as many young people as possible to become aware of entrepreneurship. The national semifinals and finals will be held in May and June.

Pure Alpha, set up by three German and three Dutch master’s students in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, produces and distributes lifestyle accessories. Their first product is a wooden case for a BlackBerry mobile. “It’s a hard cover and you can choose out of five different wood types”, says one of the founders, Tobias Schulz. “You can also make it unique with an inscription of your name or company logo. It’s very stylish and you can distinguish yourself with it. The wooden case is totally different from the plastic ones that are very common.”

The jury chose Pure Alpha as the winner because of “their good story, positive attitude, team spirit, publicity on German television, a professional YouTube presentation and website”, according to the press announcement by Jong Ondernemen.

Pure Alpha was one of the six companies that competed during the regional finals with a presentation and jury interview. The six companies were preselected out of 60 student companies in Limburg.