"Life can be pretty absurd"


Lucian Watkins, 19, from Perth, Australia, exchange student at University College

Loves: classical music, laughing

It’s not the most common pastime for a young man, admits Lucian Watkins, but he loves classical music. “I know it’s not everyone’s taste, and I do like popular music, but I enjoy the history and the complexity of classical music.” A member of a choir in Australia, Watkins also joined UCM’s choir in performing at the recent UC Tournament. “Singing in a group you have to be exact, and it’s exciting because there’s no back-up music so there’s nowhere to hide”, he explains. Watkins also enjoys a good laugh. “It’s cathartic, like a purge, when you’re laughing so hard you’re on the floor.” He particularly misses the Australian style of pranks and ‘blokey’ male humour. “Life can be pretty absurd so it’s nice to laugh about it when you can.”

Hates: awkward tutorials, his messy room, broken earphones

Like so many UCM students, Watkins dreads awkward tutorials. “I hate that everyone has to feel awkward in a tutorial, especially in the early weeks of a class until everyone gets to know each other”, he says. “It’s worst when there’s not many people in the room and they all try to sit as far away from each other as possible.” Outside university, Watkins’s bedroom causes frustration. “I hate how messy my room gets”, he admits. “For some reason all my clothes, my books, just spread out and clog up space. Also, I can never find anything. It’s so annoying.” And a final pet peeve: “I hate when one of the ear things in your earphones stops working. It’s still useable but it’s so annoying.”


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