"I like my pancakes to be a bit crusty on the sides"


Charlotte Weinspach (21), a second-year European Law student from Cologne, Germany

Loves: the smell of summer rain, crusty pancakes

“I love the smell of summer rain and I also like the word for that in German; Sommerregenduft. In English all the words get separated. I like it when words say exactly what you want to say. There’s no need to explain anything, it’s directly to the point.

“I like my pancakes to be a bit crusty on the sides. Normally, people would think something had gone wrong, but I make my pancakes like that on purpose. I like the feeling in my mouth and the crispy sound it makes when you bite in it.”


Hates: candles burning down, scooters and crumbs in bed

“I hate it when a candle burns down before dinner is finished. The light in our kitchen is really bright, so I light candles instead, to make it a bit cosier. When the candle burns down, the conversation tends to stop because it’s less cosy.

“Underneath my balcony is an ATM. Really often people on a scooter get money out without turning their scooter off. It annoys me to hell. It stinks and it’s noisy.

“I also don’t like crumbs in my bed when I’ve had breakfast there. It’s really a reason to never eat breakfast in bed ever again.”


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