“Back next year!”

Faculty Fight challenge cup goes to SBE


With a broad smile and saying that he was “pleased as Punch”, Jos Lemmink, dean of the School of Business and Economics, accepted the large Faculty Fight challenge cup last Monday. “I feel that there should be another Faculty Fight next year. This initiative is good for the entire university community and for our faculty.” 

It was the SBE students (no less than 134, in nineteen teams; a total of 285 students participated, in 40 teams) who showed on Wednesday 25 May that they had more physical strength, stamina, creativity, cleverness and strategic insight than their fellow students from the other five faculties. They were fastest on the rafting section on the Maas. The Faculty of Humanities and Sciences came in second; number three was the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life sciences. The prize for the best individual team went to SBE 14.

The organisers, Netty Bekkers-Vos and Ivanka Smitsmans from UM Sports, were very pleased with the way the event went. They referred to the participants as being “extremely fanatical, combative and friendly” and proudly presented e-mails that they received afterwards. “Dear Faculty Fight Committee, thank you for this awesome event. Although I was only a spectator I was amazed about what you pulled off yesterday.” And: “Yesterday’s activities give more fun and spirit to Maastricht University. We hope that this event will take place every year in the future, and we promise that FASoS team 8 will be in shape and ready to have fun again.”

The chances of the Faculty Fight becoming a tradition appear to be big. During the prize-giving ceremony on Wednesday 25 May, vice-president of the Executive Board, André Postema, said that there would be another fight next year. An announcement that was received with lots of loud cheers.


Riki Janssen

“Back next year!”
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