Cultural festival during Inkom


For the first time, there will be a real festival in the city park, with shows, music, dance, film and other events. Called Culture Valley, it will feature popular Dutch band Kensington as a main act.

An afternoon full of music - ranging from hip-hop to Balkan beat - in the Geusselt, under the name of IndepenDANCE. The 2011 edition of Inkom (23-26 August) is not a copy of the 2010 event, says Inkom chairperson Anne van Tetering. “An increasing number of master's students is coming to Maastricht, the university is becoming more and more international and when you think of Maastricht, you think of culture. We wanted to reflect this in our programme.”

The Inkom working group will try to bring the Dutch and foreign students closer together on Wednesday morning. They will do so by using the new I’m international programme item. “At the moment, there is clearly a division between Dutch and foreign student life in Maastricht. We want to create some mutual understanding. Foreign members of student associations will talk about their experiences, the Dutch will tell of their memberships of international clubs.”

There will be a festive parade from Randwijck to the city centre again on the opening day, and there will be a barbecue on Thursday, prior to the Culture Valley event. The traditional info festival has been moved from the evening to the afternoon. Van Tetering: “We feel that this will increase enthusiasm.”


Riki Janssen

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