Dreaming of Italy


Dominique Meyers (23), from the Netherlands, is a master’s student in Developmental Psychology

Loves: flashbacks of holidays in Italy

“Waking up on a sunny day in summer reminds me of my childhood when, without a care in the world, I’d go on vacation to northern Italy with my parents. I cherish the memories of Venice, Pisa, Lake Garda. It’s the atmosphere, the people, being together with your family, with my mum and dad. I do have a sister but she’s 17 years older and went her own way. I’d love to go back to northern Italy, as a kind of nostalgia for the past.”


Hate: being frisked at the airport

“Relatively often I get picked out, as happened last summer. I put my things on the conveyer belt, walked through the detection gate and there was the alarm. A woman started to frisk me; it wasn’t pleasant. She wasn’t exactly friendly. I had to turn my pockets inside out and I even had to hand over my shoes to be scanned separately. No, they don’t have double soles or anything. They were simple ballerinas. They didn’t find anything, of course.”


Maurice Timmermans

Dreaming of Italy

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