Tuition fee instalment compromise


No debate, but a working group. That was the rather surprising outcome of the action taken by University Council chairman Herman Kingma in the dispute between the Executive Board and the student fraction in the University Council about the instalment payments of the institute’s tuition fees.

For the coming year, these will again be 8,500 and 12,000 euros, respectively, for the bachelor's and master's programmes. The students want to pay in twelve monthly instalments, also in the case of fines for those taking longer to complete their studies and the higher lecture fees for the University College; for all kinds of reasons, mainly of an administrative nature, the Board wants to stick to the eight instalments scheme that has been in place since March 2010. Students had calculated beforehand that in particular students with a loan (which is paid on a monthly basis) would have problems. A deadlock threatened, Kingma says looking back, because the students could have torpedoed the whole proposal about the level of the institute’s tuition fees with their dissatisfaction about the instalments terms.

During the Council meeting, it turned out that the issue had already been solved before the official start. All that remained was for Executive President Martin Paul to issue a statement saying that he did not want students to suffer financially and that the University Council would therefore set up a working group with the whole-hearted support of the Board. It has been agreed that there will be an arrangement before the end of February that will have no negative consequences for the students.


Wammes Bos

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