UM wants different fee for different studies


During the next four years, the so-called institute's tuition fees will slowly rise and different rates will apply to different studies. Law or business administration students will pay less than medical students. This was an official advice, which was more or less accepted by the Executive Board.

The institute's tuition fees are much higher (8.500 euros) than the regular official tuition fees (1,771 euros in 2012). The latter is only paid by students from the EU/EEA who live in the Netherlands or a wide circle outside the Netherlands and who have never previously done a bachelor’s or a master’s study. Anyone who does not meet these criteria must pay the institute's tuition fees, and it is in this category that changes are going to be made. Like most other universities, the UM wants to differentiate between rates, but wants to keep the system simple. This means that for both the bachelor’s and the master’s programmes there will be a low and a high rate, for the relatively cheap studies compared to the relatively expensive studies. The high rate applies almost exclusively to FHML, but knowledge engineering and University College also fall in that category. The amounts have not been fixed yet, but the final figures are not expected to differ much from the present proposal. This means that the low rate for a bachelor’s study will remain 8,500 euros, but the high rate will go up after 2013 to 10,000 euros in 2015. For master’s programmes, the present low rate of 12,000 euros will rise to 13,000 in 2015, while the high rate will go up to 16,000 euros. The UM, as appeared in the memo on this subject, is not aiming for profit maximisation but is basing its rates on the overall cost price of a study. There is still some debate on the study of medicine (by far the most expensive study) as to whether an even higher amount should be asked.


Wammes Bos

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