Laïs, SuperBodies and Traces


Songs we embrace

Jorunn Bauweraerts, Annelies Brosens and Nathalie Delcroix, also known as vocal group Laïs, will sing the songs they “always wanted to sing, but never had the chance to” in their show Songs we embrace. Together with Maandacht they’ll perform their own versions of well-known and less well-known songs in De Velinx in Tongeren on Friday 24 February. The concert will start at 20.30. For a sample of their music, please visit



The theme for the third triennial of fine arts, fashion and design in Hasselt is the human body. Cultural centres all over Hasselt (within walking distance of one another) will show artworks that display our emotions, thoughts and things we do unconsciously with our bodies each day. Although the exhibition is called SuperBodies, it’s not about incredible bodies but about the incredible things every body can do. The triennial will end on May 27th. For more information and opening times, please visit



Traces brings together the work of several internationally renowned choreographers, namely Jiří Kylián, Marco Goecke and Crystal Pite. The Nederlands Dans Theater (Dutch dance theatre) presents some of the best dancers of our times on Saturday 25 February in the Parkstad Limburg Theatre in Heerlen. The show starts at 20.00. Tickets are available at



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