Mad Hatter meets Cleopatra

Students on Carnival in Maastricht, Cologne and Ravensburg


In three days – in fact, unofficially tomorrow – the Maastricht Carnival will hit the streets. People dressed up, the so-called ‘drunken harmonies’ all over the streets, and Prince Carnival on the Vrijthof. Are Maastricht students going to join this local festival?

Her nails are already painted in the traditional Maastricht colours (red, yellow and green). Yes, Anne-Marie Muller, a third-year student of European Law School who was raised in Switzerland but has roots in Limburg, is definitely going to celebrate Carnival. She likes the friendly people, the colours, the whole city that’s upside down. “Last year I went together with other students; it was lots of fun. This year I’m getting the full insight because my Maastricht friends will take me in tow.” She will be dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. “He’s hilarious, Johnny Depp played him. I bought most of my clothes. It took two or three hours’ work to get my costume ready.”

Her fellow student from Croatia, a master’s student in European Law who learns from Muller today the difficult pronunciation of the Dutch language, won’t join her. “I don’t know it. I think it’s too overcrowded. Besides: I have to work. I’m a translator and I have to write papers.” Luckily he doesn’t live in the busy city centre, but in a village in Belgium where it will be quieter.

“I’m going to Cologne to celebrate”, says Joana Breuer, a first-year student of International Business. Her hometown is famous for its Carnival. “Only for a few days, maybe two or three. I’ll meet up with my friends. And I’ll be fully dressed up – you have to.” She didn’t consider staying in Maastricht. “A lot of people are going home. For me Cologne is more fun because my friends are there.” Michaela Biegger, also a first-year student of International Business, will leave for Ravensburg. “We also have Carnival, but it’s not as huge as Cologne. I’ll go as a hippie”, she laughs. “Or maybe as Cleopatra. I’ll go for just one day, only Monday. I’m not the biggest fan of Carnival – I mainly go to meet up with my friends.”


Riki Janssen

Mad Hatter meets Cleopatra
Joey Roberts

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