68 districts, one love


Valentin Ciocan, 23, from Cologne, Germany, student of International Business

I can live everywhere

“I’ve been moving around my whole life. I was born in Romania, but went to Germany before I could even speak. I studied for a year in England and worked in Spain and Austria. Now I’m in Maastricht.

I don’t really care where I live. I can build my life anywhere. It might sound strange, but I don’t really miss anyone from back home. I’m just not that much of a nostalgic person. Of course I have friends in Cologne, but it’s so easy to keep in touch nowadays. We call, Skype and have our own Facebook group. Besides that, it takes fifty minutes by car to go home.”


68 districts, one love

“Something I do like to go home for is a good FC Köln football match. I have a great season-ticket deal. My dad pays for it and he uses it throughout the season. I can use it whenever I’m home.

During the game it’s a custom to hold a football scarf above your head like a banner while shouting and cheering. They all read the same line: 68 districts, one love. This scarf is here with me now, hanging on the wall of my student room.”



Iris Fraikin

68 districts, one love
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