The fat greasy food from Wendy's


Jonathan Alexander, 23, from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, student of the Research Master in European Studies

Loud Americans

''I miss loud Americans. It might seem strange to hear that but it's good when I’m on the plane back to Arizona and you see everyone barging in front of each other and shouting for the air hostess while a baby is screaming. Then I know I'm home. The people in Maastricht are really friendly, but it's not the same as being back in Phoenix. I also miss the fat greasy food from Wendy's, real American food. It might be a heart attack in a bun, but it tastes really good. Here they take all the fat out before they give it to you.''



''I grew up with comics; my dad got me into it when I was really young. My favourite ones are the Marvel classics like Spiderman, Batman and The Hulk. I'm into the Red Hulk at the moment, and I love Spawn for its amazing artwork, but they're so hard to find here. I have a lot of comics and I brought them with me. Sometimes I like to just read a comic or a good book that really takes me somewhere – it's a break from all of the books I have to read for university.''



Theresa Bullock

The fat greasy food from Wendy's
Joey Roberts

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