Policy proposal on internationalisation


By mid-June, the participants of the International Classroom project want to put forward a policy proposal on the internationalisation of Maastricht University. At the International Classroom symposium on Tuesday 17 April, the four working groups – focussing on the themes of identity building, Inkom and faculty orientation, mix-and-mingle events and learning, and teaching and research – presented the results of their efforts so far.

Several ideas were proposed, including a buddy system for arriving students. First-years would be assigned a senior student as a buddy, to show them around town and the university. Other suggestions were a UM summer picnic, an international job fair, and getting the UCM Think Tank to ponder on identifying the source of the problem (of students not integrating).

In the next few months, the working groups will get more students involved and provide an update on the project in the International Classroom Facebook group.


Cleo Freriks

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