Like a salad boss

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Once outside temperatures start to drop below 15 degrees, healthy summer snacks like those on offer at the Salad Bar are not quite the warm and cosy meal that might first come to mind. Still, it’s certainly worth trying out this newly established eatery. The humorous names on the menu, such as ‘Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner’ or ‘Pimp My Shrimp’, will make you smile. As far as I’m concerned, a salad is not a meal, it’s a style. The owners have been following this motto to the fullest and making sure there’s a guilty pleasure on their menu for every customer.

The ‘Like a (salad) boss’ offered a tempting combination of the well-known classics, the Caesar salad (including romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and egg, but no meat) and mixed salad, with additional fresh ingredients. The mixed salad base was combined with pickled red onion, hardboiled egg, crunchy cucumber and sweet cherry tomatoes. I was a bit puzzled as to how the shrimps were supposed to fit with the strong taste of smoked salmon; in my opinion, there was simply no need to throw two types of fish together in such a small portion. The same could be said for the otherwise decent idea of mixing salty feta with fairly mild mozzarella. Despite the topping of fresh walnuts and salty, piquant capers, the salad could have done with more seasoning. The salmon was a little mushy, too, but the marinade of lemon and orange juice and a generous sprinkling of fresh herbs helped to keep it light.

By contrast, my ‘Mango unchained’ smoothie had no artificial additives or flavours. Since I was distracted by the lovely conversation with the two owners, I even didn’t see how much fruit it did contain. In any event, fruity mango, summer strawberries, kiwi and goji berries seeds were perfectly blended with a shot of orange juice. It was just enough to keep me going for my weekly Salsa lesson, but not too much after a generous salad.

Next time I think of a healthy dinner – or lunch – I might consider visiting the Salad Bar again. However, with a price tag of €9 for this experimental salad, I might just prepare it myself at home. Admittedly, I had one of the more expensive ones on the menu. Basic salads start from €5.

Kate Surala

-> The Salad Bar, Boschstraat 67,


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Like a (salad) boss 






Every week Kate Surala, master's student of European Public Affairs and student tutor at the Faculty of Law, reviews a restaurant, coffee bar, catering shop or 'to go' in Maastricht.

Like a salad boss
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