Students want more video recordings


​MAASTRICHT. Law students want more lectures to be made available digitally. They argued for this during the Faculty Council meeting last Wednesday. Especially in the bachelor’s and master’s of Tax Law most lectures are not recorded. “It is an easy way to make education more effective and eventually improve test results,” says student Elodie Cocheteux. The law faculty board will take the matter into consideration.

During the past few weeks, the students approached some speakers who refuse. They fear that nobody will come to their lectures, Cocheteux remarks. “But we think that most students will still come, because it is fun and lectures should be interactive. Besides, recorded lectures from other subjects are still being attended.”
Paul Adriaans, IT co-ordinator at the Faculty of Law, knows that most ‘bigger’ blocks for first-, second- and third-year students are recorded. It is up to the block co-ordinator or the lecturer whether or not to give the go-ahead for a recording. According to Raymond Luja, professor of Comparative Tax Law, his department of Tax Law doesn’t have a collective rule and it is up to the individual lecturer. Luja gives lectures to first-year students and has everything recorded, but he has noticed that guest speakers, for example, (especially in the master’s programme) prefer not be recorded. “They speak more freely then."

Students want more video recordings