Dutch police seize 24,000 guns in 2.5 years


THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch police have confiscated 24,000 guns and pistols over the past 2.5 years, broadcaster Nos said at the weekend.

This means every day police are seizing some 25 revolvers, machine guns, gas guns and fake firearms which can be used to threaten people, the broadcaster said.

Pistols and revolvers accounted for over one in three seizures, while one in six involved fake weapons.

The police also seized 546 machine guns and semi-automatic weapons and say they are concerned about the switch to more heavy weaponry.

A crackdown on heavy weaponry is now a top police priority, police spokesman Hans Vissers told the broadcaster.

‘Weaspons are being used in broad daylight, where there are members of the public about and even near a school,’ Vissers said.


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