Four Maastricht scientists in VIVA400


MAASTRICHT. Four Maastricht scientists have been nominated for the Dutch VIVA400 award. Last year, the honour fell upon UM postdoc Anne Leferink, in the ‘Knappe Koppen’ (Whizz Kid) category.

VIVA400 is a list containing the names of 400 ‘successful’ women, which is compiled every year by the Dutch Viva magazine. In the ‘Knappe Koppen’ category, votes can be cast until 4 November in favour of economist Lisa Brüggen, neuroscientist Nienke van Atteveldt, jurist Catalina Goanta, and plastic surgeon Stefania Tuinder. The latter focuses on breast reconstruction after cancer using the body’s own tissue. She made it possible for the first time in the Netherlands for women to regain a sense of feeling in their reconstructed breast.
Catalina Goanta is the youngest in the Maastricht group. As a 29-year-old PhD candidate she won the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize because she introduced Google Glass into moot court.
Lisa Brüggen, senior lecturer from the School of Business and Economics, focuses on service marketing and teaches both bachelor’s and master’s students as well as professionals. Together with the ‘University Fund Limburg’, Brüggen set up the Elinor Ostrom Fund in order to support female scientists. Brüggen used her Aspasia grant from the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) for this purpose.
Cognitive neuroscientist Nienke van Atteveldt is interested in the flexibility of the brain and wants to close the gap between brain research and practical teaching. In spring, the book Kijken in het brein – mythen en mogelijkheden (Looking into the brain – myths and opportunities) was published, which she wrote together with Sandra van Aalderen (University of Twente) and journalist Meike Grol.
The four winners (in four categories) will be announced on 17 November. 


For voting online:

Four Maastricht scientists in VIVA400
Author: Wendy Degens
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