PBL in Qatar


MAASTRICHT/QATAR.The Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences is going to contribute to the medical curriculum of Qatar University, which has started this year. Maastricht University and Qatar University have signed an agreement that focuses in particular on capacity building. Local staff will receive instruction on the best way to create a programme according to the principles of problem-based learning. The agreement is worth “a lot of money”, says Geraldine Beaujean from SHE collaborates, the international collaboration section of the educational research institute SHE. Exactly how much money is not yet clear, “we will be paid per activity, so it depends on the activities that we deploy there”. Recently, one of the SHE staff members travelled to Qatar for this project; he will stay there until 1 July.

The contract has nothing to do with the Maastricht International Track in Medicine. Now that there will be no new medical students from Saudi Arabia (see Observant 32 from May 2015), the faculty is looking for students from other countries, but those attempts are unrelated to this initiative.


Author: Wammes Bos
Categories: News

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