All you can eat at Les Grands Buffets

Work like a slave, eat like a king


For students who are busy studying for their exams, especially those who have some cash lying around, an AYCE (all-you-can-eat) restaurant is a good option for a serious meal. A brief walk down the Brusselsestraat to the Vrijthof will take you to Les Grands Buffets, which has been open for almost three months in the old post office building.
The atmosphere at Les Grands engages all the senses, with traditional Chinese furniture, contemporary music booming in the background, the Eiffel tower on the walls and expensive crystal lamps. Entering the restaurant on a glamorous red carpet, you are required to pay immediately for your evening’s culinary entertainment (including alcohol, which you can only buy with ‘coins’ – one coin is worth €1.50). As the website states, the restaurant offers a whole world of cuisine: “the more there is to taste, the richer the experience.” With a tagline like that, you can’t help but suspect it’s an establishment that prefers quantity over quality.

First, I picked up a four-piece set of the most enjoyable and eye-opening sushi I’ve ever eaten. Banana sushi with fresh mango sauce and soft rice is sure to take control of your senses, and when it’s gone you wish you could have it again. And you can – you have two and half hours to eat everything in sight! You can also opt for a sushi plate divided into three parts, so you can add soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. After this very enjoyable meal, I decided to stick with the ‘fish corner’. I was disappointed to find the shrimps and crab, filled with slices of red bell pepper, half frozen and utterly tasteless.
The Italian corner was stuffed with delicious bruschetta (toasted baguette topped with juicy tomatoes, olives and little pieces of garlic) and fresh cannelloni (pasta tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese). But the Dutch/Belgian selection completely dashed my hopes, as a foreigner, of a good frikandel. It was cold, dry and it must have been lying there for at least couple of days. And most disappointingly, my favorite dish, kroket, was altogether absent. The dessert didn’t make up for it either; all those miniature cakes stuffed with artificially flavoured bakery emulsion, tons of fake butter and unknown chemicals.

Some parts of the evening, such as the live cooking show and friendly waiters, were enjoyable. But given the total lack of spicy dishes, like Mexican or Indian, the claim of serving ‘world cuisine’ is unjustified. I’d also have liked to see more cutlery on the table and higher quality food for the astronomical price I paid. Les Grands Buffets, I regret to report, is indeed about quantity over quality.

Kate Surala

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All you can eat at Les Grands Buffets
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