Autumn 2015. A new academic year has already begun. Full-fledged Autumn colours. New freshmen everywhere, looking even younger – not necessarily fresher - than last year. No, I’m not older than last year. THEY are younger. Definitely.
We left another Summer behind. Perhaps it’s a little sad to now be looking to a grimmer part of the year (and Winter time aaarrrgghhhh), still I’m grateful to wave some stuff good-bye for another year. Like too much boob and belly for too little t-shirt. Shorts so short they leave little to imagination.  O and that thorn in Fashion Police’s eye… Repeat after me: Leggings. Are. Not. Pants.  
Guys in slim fits? Not sure about that either. Unless they are called Jamie Dornan, Daniel Craig or Chris Hemsworth, in which case I will say enthusiastically:  ‘yes please do’ while adjusting my binoculars!

I’m not a lie-on the-beach-and-get-tanned-all Summer kind of person, so I cannot talk about that show. I shudder at the thought, though, it seems so full of opportunities…. And thanks for the visual by the way.

Now I come to think about it, Autumn and Winter do not guarantee a stylish way of dressing.  I’m so sick and tired of having to admire Calvin Klein or Björn Borg boxer short edges. Or, because sometimes life is really a bitch, a butt crack coming out of baggy jeans hanging… well just hanging there basically. It’s true that the use of a belt is so 20th century!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad there’s some freedom in fashion nowadays, especially for women, who have thankfully left the Age of Corsets and other torturous garments behind way back. Although there are some mornings when I think a (non-denominational) veil would be cheaper and hide more than make-up.

Yet there is something as Too Much Information and it seems that people feel increasingly compelled to show some skin and more. I’m just wondering why? Do we feel so much prettier than we look? Is our mirror clouded? Are we all in touch with our inner Noah Mills or Gigi Hadid?

Anyways. Looking forward to a fashionable new season. Right?


Séverine Dufour,

Student Affairs Officer Science Programme

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