Entertaining visitors

Victoria in Istanbul


When I am in a new place, I love being visited by friends and family, show them around my new city, take them to my favorite spots - which they would never find if it was not for me - and see how they get super exited about my experience here.

When my parents came visit me in Istanbul, I of course took them to the famous old town for sight seeing, as I do with all my visitors. This is a really altruistic move, by the way, since even though the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia are truly beautiful, seeing them more than five times is overrated. However, the rest of the program was as great for me as it was for them, since I took my parents to really nice restaurants and showed them a friend’s art gallery.

Things really get wild, as soon as friends are visiting. You have to be in top shape, since you are running around the city all day, from one hot spot to the other, to fit as much cafes, restaurants bars and clubs into one weekend, as possible. And of course, the nights will not be long, so you have to have power of endurance. When one of my oldest friends stayed with me, we accidentally landet at a party of some Turkish people we didn’t even know, but who invited us to stay with them at a really fancy club with a great view over the Bosporus. At eight in the morning their driver brought us home, where we exhaustedly fell to sleep, for a luxurious four hours.

Nevertheless, as stressful as it can be, planning the perfect weekend for someone who is only here for such a short time, it is always a great pleasure to have the chance to show how great Istanbul is. And until now, it has always been a great success, because when it came to the farewell, everyone said they were coming back.

Victoria Angel

Entertaining visitors
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