A hot tip for Thai lovers

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Thai food is known for its heat. Taking out the chillies is akin to the line in the classic film Amadeus when Mozart is told that his work is good, except there are too many notes. “Just cut a few,” instructs the emperor*, “and it will be perfect.” But like the F sharps and B flats in Mozart’s masterpiece, the chillies are in Thai food for a reason. At Tasty Thai I was certainly hoping for a bit of spice in my ‘one-pepper-chosen’ dish. But the restaurant doesn’t really follow this line of thought – presumably because, like many other Dutch Thai restaurants, the kitchen is catering to Dutch taste buds.

I ordered the house specialty: Pad Thai woon sen, an innocuous tangle of chewy rice noodles mixed with fried eggs, an insignificant portion of vegetables, bean sprouts and fried shrimps covered with chopped peanuts. With all that wind on the weekend I decided to order my dish online, and it arrived on my doorstep nice and warm. Though the website clearly indicates that the dish contains one chilli pepper (out of three), my Pad Thai was as sweet as chewing gum. Maybe if I had ordered it in the restaurant myself, I would have asked the chef to turn up the heat at least a little bit. I imagine Pad Thai as a spicy dish covered with sweet nuts that nicely offset the heat. However, the viscous sauce added even more sweetness to the dominant taste.

The service is relatively quick: you can expect your dish to arrive within 40 minutes for a €2.50 fee if your order is under €30. Next time, however, I’ll try the Kaeng Chu Chi (three chilli peppers) to spice up my evening properly! The portions are quite large, so you’ll have some leftovers for lunch the next day too.

Kate Surala

-> Tasty Thai, Rechtstraat 29, www.tastythai.nl

My menu


Pad Thai woon sen


Mini spring rolls (4p)






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A hot tip for Thai lovers
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