Splendid food, horrible service

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Sashimi, located on the ground and underground floor of an unmarked building, is a hidden treasure, just next to the Albert Heijn by the Vrijthof. With its authentic Asian atmosphere, you feel as though you could be in the middle of Tokyo.
The sushi was, in a word, delicious. The fish was extremely fresh – a prerequisite – and the sushi and sashimi menu varied enough to keep even a demanding customer interested. So varied, in fact, that you probably won’t get around to tasting all of it. As part of the all-you-can-eat deal you can pick eight dishes for lunch or five for dinner in one order.
It’s all about the quality rather than the quantity of sushi that you can eat in two and a half hours. As my Japanese friend says, “You can always judge a Japanese restaurant by its rice.” And indeed, the rice at Sashimi was just splendid. Let me tell you about the Californian roll I had there. This excellent makizushi, an inside-out sushi roll full of cucumber, crabmeat and avocado, just makes your day. Like all sushi, this typical Western-style sushi is prepared using short-grain Japanese rice mixed with a dressing of rice vinegar, sugar, salt and occasionally kombu (brown seaweed) and sake (Japanese rice wine). To stop it getting sticky, the rice is then cooled to room temperature before being seasoned and used as a sushi filling. I also had the temaki (hand rolls) and numerous nigiri (raw fish on a small brick of rice) – all excellent.

So should you try Sashimi? Yes, though not for its service. This is a problem, and it is so glaring that it needs mentioning here. It is such a shame the waitstaff were so unpleasant, because everything else was so good! Between courses, it took at least 20 minutes each time for the Japanese waitress to clear the table and collect the order form we’d filled in. When I asked her, “Could we please order the next round?”, she frowned and, on returning, literally threw the paper form on our table.
According to its website, Sashimi is hiring. If you’re looking for a job to earn some extra cash for the Christmas holidays and you’re spontaneous, enthusiastic, flexible, and speak English and Dutch, send in your application – it would certainly improve the level of service.

Kate Surala

--> Sashimi, Helmstraat 8a, www.restaurantsashimi.nl

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Splendid food, horrible service
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