Homemade or not, the Preuverij’s zuurvlees is delicious

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Wandering off the beaten track somewhat in the university area of the old town, you might stumble across this tiny Maastricht bar serving traditional local specialties.
Eetcafé De Preuverij offers a wide range of dishes, from soups – I would recommend the onion soup with lots and lots of cheese on top – to sate, lasagne, salads, schnitzel and typical Maastricht specialties. Browsing through the menu, my eye fell upon a dish called Maastricht zuurvlees, which hooked me with its side of a fresh garden salad (rocket, tomatoes, cucumbers and corn). This sweet and slightly tangy beef stew in a brown sauce is usually served with French fries, mostly as a quick takeaway at one of the fritures (snack bars) at the Markt. De Preuverij serves a homemade version, according to the waiter, which comes in a traditional ceramic pot with an enormous portion of fries.

When you cook meat of this kind, you want to accomplish two things. First, to give the meat and sauce flavour using stroop, brown sugar or peperkoek. Second – and crucial for a stew – to keep the meat as moist and juicy as possible, which means cooking low and slow. De Preuverij’s staff achieved great results in this respect – the meat was so soft that it was nicely falling apart. The meal was well balanced too, with both sour and sweet, but not as sweet as the dish of the day I had at Basilica at the Vrijthof a few weeks ago. Moreover, the waiter was quick and pleasant, even visiting our table after the meals were served to check whether my partner’s steak was well done. The only downside was the fact that the fries were very dry and cold, and weren’t accompanied by ketchup or mayonnaise. Perhaps the chef expects customers to dip the fries in the zuurvlees sauce so as not to mix up too many tastes.
Overall, the cosy atmosphere at De Preuverij will guarantee you a wonderful dining-out experience with friends or colleagues. I would also recommend it for those seeking a nice, centrally located pub for an evening hangout with a beer or three.

Kate Surala

-> Eetcafé De Preuverij, Kakeberg 6, http://eetcafedepreuverij.weebly.com/


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Maastricht Zuurvlees


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Homemade or not, the Preuverij’s zuurvlees is delicious
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Kate Surala
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