My Spanish evening experience

Work like a slave, eat like a king


I’ve been to dozens of tapas bars, also in Spain, and I’ve seen the concept degrade into restaurants serving lots of mediocre dishes on small plates – the equivalent of having five or six starters – for a lot of money. The tapas on the menu of Tapas Y Mas are what you can expect from a Tapas restaurant, nothing special, it was quite standard. No problem, I would say, I ate delicious standard tapas such as calamares (rings of battered squid) or tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet), before and they tasted delicious. But at Tapas Y Mas some of the dishes were quite disappointing.

My friend and I began with a typical Spanish dish called ‘patatas bravas’, which is basically potatoes boiled first in salted water, then rubbed dry and deep-fried. The potatoes came with a sweet smoky taste, covered with a slightly spicy sauce. The first course was quite well done, but nothing special. After a mysterious delay, we shared a version of Pan Aceite, deep-fried white bread that you can dip in an oily sauce with dry herbs. We were served four pieces of old, dry bread for 4 euro that completely failed to impress. Then, we chose chargrilled mushrooms in a creamy sauce.  ‘Hmmm’, I thought, ‘how boring this will be’ – but it was delicious: a medium-sized mushroom with a light garlic cream sauce.

The fish selection brought tiny shrimps, which were just taken from the oven so you can give them a squeeze of lime and dip them in a garlic sauce. This typical tapas dish was very tasty; however, the sauce was, just like all the sauces accompanying the courses, too oily. The last tapas, alias Queso don Enrique, was a hard sheep cheese with a very mild and soft taste, with honey on top.  Even though the cheese was very fresh, the effort that Tapas Y Mas has probably given to produce this cheese is minimal. I hoped for a homemade version – especially because they announce it like something ‘superb’. But it wasn’t.

Moreover, about the glass of house wine: what a shame! Once it arrived and I tasted it, I was convinced that it was mixed with water. Now I understand why the glass was so full…

Overall, I expected much more from this tiny restaurant playing Latin music to reinforce its ‘Spanish’ atmosphere that seemed just too forced. I would much prefer a dinner with my friends and colleagues with a Spanish background and taste the traditional specialties in their cosy apartment.

Kate Surala

->Tapas Y Mas, Rechtstraat 83,


My menu


Pan aceite

Queso don Enrique


Gambitas ajillo 




Patatas bravas


Glass of house wine 















My Spanish evening experience
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